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Need to get your employees, students or a group of technicians Certified? Allow REPA to train your organization with one of our Certified Instructors! Or learn about our Train-The-Trainer Program!

Type I, II, III, and Universal Training and Testing.

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The EPA requires anyone who has a reasonable opportunity during the maintenance, service, repair, or disposal of an appliance that contains a regulated refrigerant to be certified by law.[/box]


REPA has been doing business with the government, private industry, educational institutions, property management companies, and commercial business enterprises since 1993. We have been successful at achieving a high pass rate on our testing and this is why the REPA program was chosen by the US Department of State to be implemented in US Embassies throughout the world. Why not choose REPA as your certifying organization today?logobig



R-410a Certification

REPA’s R-410a Certification Program is a voluntary certification dealing with the Very High Pressures of R-410a, the phase out of R-22 and the growing popularity of R-410a refrigerant. Click To Learn More

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Certification training and testing materials can now be ordered online and the Type I, II, & III certification tests for Section 608 may be taken online.We can now offer REPA test proctors the option of issuing On-The-Spot Certifications. Register to become a proctor and learn how or email us at info@REPATest.com.


New products include:

  • Instructor's 608 Class Presentation on CD-ROM
  • 36 page Test Prep Booklet
  • Test Aid DVD - designed to help reinforce the most commonly missed areas of the test.
  • Mix and Match your training material! REPA can design a training package specific to your needs.


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Our HVACR Technician Certification Handbook has helped thousands of technicians successfully complete the exam on the first testing session. We think we can help you be successful too.tech-cert-booklet


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  • Refrigerants and Their Applications
  • Refrigerants and The Environment
  • A Regulatory History
  • Laws and Regulations
  • Recover, Recycle, Reclaim
  • Conservation
  • Safe Handling
  • Low Pressure Appliances




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