Anyone with a reasonable opportunity to release refrigerants during the maintenance, service, repair or disposal of AC&R equipment needs to be certified by law.


Successfully pass the Section 608 Exam!  REPA has been training and certifying thousands of technicians like you since 1993.608 R.E.P.A. Patch

Follow these simple steps:

1. Call REPA 1-800-435-3331 for a testing location in your area. If you need an instructor to train your organization REPA can help! We have certified Instructors across the US. If you would like to participate in our Train-The-Trainer Program please call to get more info!

2. Use one of REPA’s manuals that best fit your needs to study for the exam.    

                      -We also offer other study materials like practice tests and an instructional DVD. Visit our online store.

3. Go to your local testing location and take the test.

Our knowledgeable instructors and comprehensive handbook has enable technicians to successfully pass the test on the first attempt causing REPA have a very high pass rate for its training and testing program for which we are very proud.

Out Test Takers Booklet is divided into Core, Type I, Type II and Type III sections allowing the user to easily find and study the material covered in each section of the test he or she would like to take.    A teacher’s presentation is available on CD to provide a new learning format with descriptive imagery to better assist visual learners. 


The Section 608 Technician Certification Exam is a closed book, proctored exam. The entire exam consists of 100 questions broken down into four areas. The exam is divided into four 25 question sections: Core, Type I, Type II and Type III.

Core: The Core information consists of changes in the industry and the environment. 

Type I: Small Appliances.

Type II: High Pressure and Very High Pressure Appliances.

Type III: Low Pressure Appliances

If you pass all four section with a score of 72% or higher (you can miss up to 7 questions and still pass) then you would have achieved Universal Certification.  As a note, you must pass the Core section before being granted any certification Type. 

If a student is retaking a test to become certified in additional sections, the student only needs to pass that one section. Once certified in any section there is no need to retake that section.  If you achieved a successful score in one section with a different organization than REPA,  we will need proof of your results before upgrading your certification card