Test Applicant

You must have a registered Test Proctor to take the EPA Type I, II and III, Section 608 CFC Certification Test.

A test Proctor is someone who maintains the security and integrity of the testing session and has no financial interest in the outcome of the testing. A Test Proctor is physically located at the test site and needs to sign an agreement that he or she has followed the criteria for Proctoring. For example; a Test Proctor is present to explain to the test applicant there is no copying/photocopying of test data, no open books or notes present in the test area and there is no discussion among testers, etc.

How To Register a Test Proctor

Identify a candidate for Test Proctoring, (or contact REPA for a Registered Test Proctor). The Proctor Applicant can go to https://repatest.com/proctor-application-form/, and complete the Proctor Registration Agreement online. Once registered, he/she will receive a unique Proctor Identification Number by email or text. The test applicant will need this number to complete his or her test online.


If you already have a registered Proctor with a Proctor Identification Number, you may proceed below to purchase and take the 608 Exam.