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    Spiral bound, easy to use, good reference book. 156 pages. Updated 2019 to coincide with the new EPA Test to include new and alternative
    refrigerants, leak detection and repair requirements, verification testing, etc. 155 pages. This
    comprehensive book is a great training resource designed for educational services for Colleges, Tech
    Schools and Training Courses. Descriptively written, contains detailed and easy to follow step by step
    recovery service procedures. Wonderful reference book so advantageous that the US State Department
    chose it for study in Embassy’s throughout the world. Many of our customers love having it as a
    reference guide that they use from year to year. This Handbook includes all information needed to
    prepare technicians to become trained for certification in the HVACR Industry on “How to Responsibly
    Handle Refrigerants as required by EPA’s National Recycling and Emissions Reduction Program” during
    the maintenance, service, repair or disposal of small appliances, high pressure appliances and low
    pressure appliances. The handbook is thumb indexed and includes a question and answer section. It
    covers the topics required by the EPA including: Environmental Issues, Industry Changes, Laws and
    Regulations, Recovery Techniques, Leak Detection, Safety, Disposal and Shipping. The Handbook
    prepares you to successfully pass all aspects of the EPA exam: Core, Type I, Type II, Type III.
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    Updated 2019. 40 pages. Includes new and alternative refrigerants and new service procedures. This booklet is perfect for those who have prior experience with refrigerant handling. Our new study booklet has separate chapters that cover the basics of Core, Type I, Type II and Type III. For your convenience, a Vapor Pressure Chart is included in the back of the booklet for use with test taking.
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    Description: This book is great for those with or without experience in the field. This Study Guide is a condensed version of our more comprehensive Handbook listed above. The Study Guide primarily focuses on the pertinent information needed to pass the certification test.
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    Updated 2019
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